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OB32 LED Based Low Intensity Obstruction Light

Description Parameter
Standard Compliant to the ICAO (low intensity type A) and FAA-L810
Vertical degree ≥10°
Light source LED
Horizontal degree 360°
LED color Red
Flashing rate Steady or Flashing(flashing rate can be selected)
Operating voltage AC110V~AC240V(Option:DC48V)
LED life ≥100,000h
Power consumption 6W
On/off level 70Lux/100Lux
Intensity ≥32.5cd
Operating temperature -30˚C ~ +70˚C
IP Protection IP65
Relative humidity 10% ~ 95% (no condensing)
Weight Single light( 1.0KG)   Double light(3.5KG)
Material Base:Die casting aluminum   Housing: PC
Measurement Single light( 263*178*165mm)             Double light(438*388*175mm)

OB32  series is typically a standard LED obstruction light designed for airway fixed obstacle marking application. It comply with ICAO regulation, low intensity, type A. This kind of tower aviation light Working mode is steady burning or flashing.

OB32  Series Double Light
Double light is integrated by 2 single aviation obstruction lights. For making sure there is always a light working atop of the tower. Two optional working patterns can meet different area’s customers.
• “Service+Standby”: Only “service light” is working normally. It will auto-transfer to “standby light” in case of “service light” failure
• “Service+Service”: Two single lights work simultaneously. Either failure will not affect the other normal working.

Functions & Features
• Use Fresnel lens, high utilization of light, valid keeping light beam in the scope as required 
• Based on LED technology, low power consumption, and high efficiency. 
• Die casting aluminum enclosure with powder-coat paint finishes, providing corrosion resistance and durability. 
• Extremely Reliable – Major Maintenance Cost Saving. 
• G3/4”pipe is available, ease of mount. 
• EMC Compliance, No RF Radiation. 
• Self-contained compartment, with stainless steel wire which is used to secure the unit against falling in operation,  and ease of mount. 
• Lamp housing – Polycarbonate, with good anti-impact strength, thermal stability, high transmittance. 
• Steady burning or flashing type (no need external controller). 
• 5 years warranty

• Telecomm tower
• Radio tower
• Wind turbine
• Smoke stacks & chimney
• Tall building
• Crane
• Power transmission line

 Order codes
Series Siger/Double Flashing Photosensor Alarm
Pattern(For double light only)
OB32 S(单灯) F(闪烁) P R ST(工作+备用)ST(工作+备用)(24VDC,48VDC,220VAC)
  D(双灯)  S(常亮)     SS(工作+工作)ST(工作+备用)(24VDC,48VDC,220VAC)


For example  OB32SSPR means OB32 single aviation obstruction light red steady burning,with alarm relay contacts. We OB32 towe aviation light series product 24Vdc  48Vdc 110vac 220vac is the same .but if you need  double light or other voltage need to explain(12VDC,24VDC,48VDC, 220VAC)

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