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OB2000B LED Medium Intensity Aviation Obstruction Light



Description Parameter
International standard ICAO( Annex)Type B; FAA-L864
Light source LED
Supply voltage AC110V ~ AC240V /DC24V~DC48V
Color Red 
Power consumption ≤10W(30FPM)
Intensity 2000cd±25%
Vertical degree
Horizontal degree 360° 
Flashing rate 30FPM (20 /60 FPM/ steady can be customized )
Flashing duration 150±10ms
LED life ≥100,000h
On/Off level 50Lux
Customized photocell
Ambient temperature -40℃ ~ +60℃ 
Humidity 10% ~ 95% (no coagulation)
IP Protection IP67
Material Base:Aluminum alloy    Housing:PC
Weight 6KG
Measurement 273*258*275mm

OB2000B Medium intensity obstruction light (Type B) for marking Towers (Telecom, GSM), Smokestacks, Buildings and any other potentially hazardous obstructions to air traffic with a flashing red safety light. Compliant to ICAO standard. 
The enclosure of OB2000B warning light is made of die casting aluminum with powder coated finish, light weight, waterproof, shockproof and corrosion resistant. Self-contained wiring compartment, ease of mount. Steel wire is used to connect to base against falling in operation.

Functions & Features
• Based on LED technology, meets optics standard. 
• Built-in circuit protect LED, extremely reliable and cost saving. 
• Shockproof and corrosion resistant. Working environment temperature :-40℃ ~ +60℃,It can be used in very poor conditions . 
• It contains connection box and installation with conventional screw. 
• PC lamp housing with the sound impact resistance, thermal stability and luster effect. A variety of installation is aviation. 
• Sealing material: waterproof sealing ring. 
• Combustibility rating:UL94-V0. 
• Flashing mode or stead burning is available and it do not need controller. 
• LED is aviation special red color,Typical LED lifetime is more than 100,000 hours. 
• With high power LED,and LED parallel connect, with low voltage constant current power supply, any LED fault will not affect others, with high stable and eliable of the lights. 

Installation and Operation
• Secure the light on a smooth surface which has enough strength, if there is no mounting surface, we can customize special mounting bracket as request. 
• When installation, please stay away the nearby light source, at the same time, ensure the photocell do not cover by the near object. 
• Make sure the power supply can match the rated power of light before connecting.  
• Insert the power cable from the gland box and then connect them to the corresponding terminals inside the lamp body. 
• Check whether the power cables are connected correctly before power on. 

• Check whether the power cables are connected correctly before power on.
• Please do not open the control box by yourself. 

connecting terminal

Order codes

Series Siger/Double AC/DC(交流、直流) Flashing Photosensor Alarm
Pattern(For double light only)
 OB2000B S(单灯) A F(闪烁) P R ST(工作+备用)
  D(双灯) D  S(常亮)     SS(工作+工作)

For example OB2000BDASPRST means AC-OB2000B works in “Service+Standby” With Photosensor with alarm relay output
OB2000BDxxxx only works with control box.
OB2000BSDXXX  all can work at DC24~DC60