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OBS32 Solar Powered Obstruction Light


Description Parameter
International standard ICAO: N/A
intensity >32.5cd
Quiescent current
Nominal Night Range >5km
Available colors Red, amber, green, blue, white
Vertical degree 10 °
Horizontal degree 360 °
Light source LED
LED life ≥100,000 hrs
Autonomy  200Hours
On/off level 70/100 lux
Flashing Pattern 40FPM default(can be preprogrammed to a specified flashing rate upon customer request)
Power Source Solar module mono-crystalline sillcon
Battery type High-efficiency Lead-Acid rechargeable battery
Battery capacity 12V/8 AH
Integrated housing UV resistance PC 
Waterproof IP67
Weight 12KG
Ambient temperature -40℃ ~ +70℃
Dimensions 298mm H, 235mm Diameter
Warranty 5 years for Light
2 years for Battery

OBS32 solar LED obstruction light uses a unique constant current method has accurate constant current, ultra high efficiency at the same time the flicker frequency adjustable, Steady-burning or flashing is adjustable  intensity is adjustable, adjustable (open after the lampshade can be adjusted) 485 synchronous or wireless synchronization can be customized  YSL32 is the self-contained and care-free light unit. Also, with the solar function, the light is easy to deploy to almost any condition and any emer- gency case. Robust body built and surface coating provides good protection against hash environments.OBS32 led obstruction light is equipped with an high-efficiency rechargeable battery which could power the light up to 20 days when the weather is cloudy & rainy. The rechargeable battery is also easy to find almost anywhere.

Functions & Features
• -No cabling work.
• Ultra-light LEDs, energy saving.
• Self-contained without outside power supply.
• Maximum visibility distance 5 KM.
• Once fully charged, it can work for up to 200 hours.
• Auto-off after being packed for 18 hours.
• Flashing is adjustable.

• High-rise building marking
• Telecom tower marking
• Road obstruction marking
• Navigation aid
• Port, dock entrance & walkway
• Buoy marking
• Offshore gas & oil platform