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OBBJD01 Embedded boundary light for the landing field



Items Technical parameters
 Product model OBBJD01
Power mode AC220V/DC48V
Power dissipation ≤3W
Light intensity ≥25cd
Illumination type Green LED
Illumination lifetime 100000 hours
Illumination color Green
IP grade IP67
Environmental humidity 0~98%
Altitude ≤4500m
Environmental temperature -40℃~60℃
Anti-wind capability 80m/s
Product weight 5kg
Boundary dimension 160mm×160mm×308mm
    Mounting dimension Ф66mm even distribution 4*M10

Functions & Features
The lampshade is made from PC material, which has a excellent capacity of impact resistance (IZOD notched impact strength: 90), a fine light transmission, UV resistance and aging resistance. Its flammability grade is UL94V0.
•The lampholder is made by pressure casting of aluminum alloy and its surface is applied with spraying plastics, characterized by light weight, waterproof and anti-corrosion.
•LED light source uses the high efficiency chip packaging of an international level with a long life service and low power dissipation.(life service time over 100000 hours).
•The power lines of the lamps are equipped with surge prevention device (anti-lightning In5KA / 5 times) 

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