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Tips when looking for airfield obstruction lights


Safety is important to everyone. For this reason, international standards for safety have been established. In airports, airfield obstruction lights are placed to prevent accidents from happening. There are two types of lamps used for airfield obstruction lights. The first one is red lamps which are usually illuminated constantly while white xenon lights are used as discharge flashers.
The use of airfield obstruction lights is a necessity for airports which is why it is important for them to purchase good quality lamps. There are certain things that need to be considered when buying airfield obstruction lights. The quality, energy consumption and price of lights should be considered before purchasing.
One of the important things to consider when buying obstruction lights is quality. It would be better to invest on good quality lighting to make sure that it is worth the money like. It would be a total waste to keep on replacing parts every year just because of poor materials used. Always check if the lights passed quality standards to make sure that they will last long.
Another important thing is budget. Most airports inquire from different light companies before deciding which to purchase. After they have compared the quality and price of the products, that is they time that they decide which company to take it from. After all, quality should never be settled for quantity when it comes to safety.
Aside from airports, obstruction lights are also used for cellular and broadcast towers, building, smokestacks, bridge lighting, and crane lighting, grain elevator lighting, obstruction avoidance lighting, ports and waterways, lighting for communications towers, lighting for cell phone relay towers, catenary lighting, wind farm lighting and wind turbine.
In order to get the best airfield obstruction lights, it is imperative not to rely on one’s own knowledge. It is best to seek help from professionals who know how to differentiate good quality from good looks. Suppliers of airport light bulbs, fixtures and other hardware materials can help a lot in providing information about differences and other important info regarding airfield obstruction lights. They can provide the advantages and disadvantages of getting certain brands and can give discounts for bulk orders. Aside from contacting suppliers, it would also be great to do some research before purchase. Many related facts can be found online. One can search related keywords such as tower lights, aircraft obstruction lights, flash tubes, aviation lighting, tower warning lights, lighting bulbs, tower lighting, obstruction lighting, airport obstruction lights and tower strobes. These topics can give more idea to anyone who wants to seek knowledge about different obstruction light systems.
After doing research, it is all right to go ahead and make a purchase. It should be easy to look for the right type of warning light system if proper research is done. Together with the right people, it would be stress-free to install airfield obstruction lights. Once installed, the lights should be tested by the technicians to make sure that all of them are working well. With the right lights installed, there are fewer worries when it comes to accidents.
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